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Automatic Configuration Update from Vamsoft

| Last activity: 4 weeks ago
Add a new feature that automatically updates the ORF configuration with the latest recommended settings from Vamsoft. This would reduce the administration overhead and keep the configuration up to date with the latest threats.

Support for IPv6 addresses

| Last activity: 4 months ago
Support for IPv6 addresses in all IP address entry fields, including the IP Blacklist, IP Whitelist and IP-based exception lists, etc.

Add DomainKeys Signatures to Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: 8 months ago
DKIM requires outgoing emails to be signed with a special signature, so if a recipient knows that all legitimate emails sent from your domains are signed with such signatures, they can drop spoofed emails (which are unsigned or have an invalid signature). This feature would allow ORF to add DomainKeys signatures to outgoing emails. For more information about DomainKeys, please visit http://dkim.org/.

Disclaimer Support

| Last activity: 8 months ago
Support adding a legal disclaimer (or other footer) to outgoing emails.
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