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How to redirect blacklisted emails to the Junk folder (Exchange 2016/2019)

2 months ago
The following article provides step-by-step instructions to redirect all emails blacklisted by ORF to the recipients' Junk folder instead of rejecting them. This could be useful if your users wish to review blacklisted emails to make sure no legitimate email has been blocked.

ORF Issue History

2 months ago
This page describes the issues we had in older ORF releases. The latest version is shipped with fixes for all the bugs below (see all current known issues with the latest ORF version in this KB article).

ORF 6.1 Change Log

2 months ago applies to ORF 6.1
The complete list of changes implemented in ORF 6.1 compared to the previous 6.0.1 release.
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