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I see a lot of "Getting rootDSE failed." error messages. What should I do?

5 days agoapplies to ORF 5.4.1 / ORF 5.4 / and 4 other product versions
This error indicates a problem with the Active Directory connection between ORF and the LDAP server (this is required for the AD-based Recipient Validation test of ORF). By default, ORF tries to find the LDAP root (root DSE) automatically, this works in most cases if that the system where ORF runs is in the domain. This error is logged if this automatic detection fails for some reason. Read

Is Windows 8 supported by ORF?

5 days agoapplies to ORF 5.4.1 / ORF 5.4 / and 4 other product versions
Yes, the ORF 5.0 and newer Management Tools were tested with Microsoft® Windows® 8 and they were found compatible. Read

Migrating from ORF Fusion for SBS to ORF Fusion

5 days agoapplies to ORF 5.4.1 (Fusion for SBS only) / ORF 5.4 (Fusion for SBS only) / and 4 other product versions
Vamsoft supports this migration by enabling you to purchase ORF Fusion with 50% discount. This means you can get a Windows Server-compliant version of ORF for about the same or even less than your ORF Fusion for SBS license renewal would have costed for you (125 USD). Read