ORF Fusion

The most versatile,
easy-to-use spam filter for businesses of all sizes

$80 / year


Unlimited domains

No false positives

* for 10 users


ORF 6.9 Beta is now live!
Visit the beta site for details.

Layered protection

No single technology catches all spam. The 23 layers of tests in ORF ensures the maximum detection rates.

ORF ♥ administrators

From the industry's best logs to the friendly UI, ORF works for the administrators, saving time, resources and sanity.

No false positives

Never miss an important email again. ORF ships with multiple dedicated tools against false positives.

Proven performance

Deployed at 15,000 organizations in 118 countries, ORF filters thousands of emails every second, 24 hours a day.

Technology Highlights

Does one thing. Exceptionally well.

ORF is designed from ground up to catch spam. This clear focus enables dealing with spam very efficiently, free of the compromises and complexities that cripple all-in-one systems so often.

A blend of technologies

There is no single technology that would stop all junk emails, so ORF does the next best thing and forges the industry's best performing anti-spam technologies together into a unified, rich and extremely effective framework.

Configurable to every detail

Your responsibility for providing uninterrupted email service finally comes with the power to achieve that. ORF can be customized to your organization, your requirements and your emails.

Simple and friendly user experience

Your average enterprise software cares little about the person who uses it. Experience something different with ORF which we crafted carefully with the administrator in mind.

Enthusiastic technical support

We believe a great customer service is personal, friendly and knows the deal, so we made ours just like that. To be there for you, our technical support is available free of charge without contract, even during planning and evaluation.

Business Highlights

No tolerance for false positives

If your email filter has ever lost an important email, you know it is real pain. The distinguished focus of ORF on preventing false positives saves you the frustration and guarantees business continuity.

A proven solution

ORF has been the choice of over 15,000 organizations in 118 countries around the world since its 2002 launch. Today, ORF filters thousands of emails every single second.

Low administration cost

Even the most fire-and-forget solution requires the administrator's attention occassionally. We know that is not for free, so to save you money, we made sure that maintenance tasks are simple, intuitive and well-documented.

Hassle-free licensing

Just a few highlights: licensed per actual user (not per mailbox); unlimited servers; free and unlimited technical support; and many more.


Starting from $80 / 10 users / 1 year with significant volume discounts, ORF Fusion is the best value on the market.

June 6, 2024

ORF 6.9 Beta R04

The latest beta update resolves content issues in email headers and log messages, fixes management tool and encoding errors, and further improves database management features. Download the R04 installer (…)

April 26, 2024

ORF 6.9 Beta R03

This beta update enhances external database management, refines error handling and UI communication, resolves bugs, and introduces a new email notification setting requirement. Visit the beta site to download (…)

March 21, 2024

ORF 6.9 Beta R02 - Fixes and improvements

Explore the latest update for the pre-release version of ORF 6.9. This update enhances stability, addresses reported issues, includes several bug fixes, and introduces various user interface improvements (…)

February 13, 2024

ORF 6.9 Public Preview

Explore the pre-release version of the upcoming ORF update, ready for testing! Visit the beta site to learn more about the new features and improvements, and download the installer.

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lines of code

Trial version download

Download the 42 day, fully functional trial version of ORF below.

ORF Fusion

for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP Service

  • version 6.8.3
  • released on July 26, 2023
  • size 13.2Mb
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