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The new ORF 5. Simply different.

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ORF is our award-winning spam filtering software for Microsoft® Exchange Server.

Layered protection

No single technology catches all spam. The 23 layers of tests in ORF ensures the maximum detection rates.

ORF ♥ administrator

From the industry's best logs to the friendly UI, ORF works for the administrator, saving time, resources and sanity.

No false positives

Never miss an important email again. ORF ships with multiple dedicated tools against false positives.

Proven performance

Deployed at 11,000 organizations in 112 countries, ORF filters thousands of emails every second, 24 hours a day.

I love the light-weight design and efficient performance of ORF. I chose your software because I didn't want a bloated program with a giant footprint that might jeopardize the stability and/or reliability of my Exchange "server. ORF is lean and mean—like good software should be—and it's so remarkably effective. I wish I would have discovered ORF years ago.

Robb Franklin (MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CCSA, CWNA) Network Engineer, Springfield Utility Board

The 30-day statistics below are generated from automated, anonimized reports received from ORF users worldwide.
Total emails filtered Spam rate
350,071,535 61.21%
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