Top 6 ways how ORF benefits you


It does a great job

ORF is designed from ground up to catch spam. This clear focus enables ORF to catch over 99% of spam effortlessly.


It will not lose that important email

We aim for 0.00% false positive rate and equipped ORF with just the right tools to reach this. No throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


It saves you on maintaince

ORF was crafted for the administrator and this pays back nicely on the long run. 10 minutes saved here and there add up and make ORF a great choice for the cost-conscious.


It does more for less

It's not just the pricing—our licensing was designed to be open, fair and free of hidden costs.


It suits you

This time, one size really fits all. The very same ORF will do the job for the family business and the enterprise, thanks to its flexible and customizable software design. No matter where you go, ORF will keep up with you.


It's easy to try

ORF can be deployed in a few minutes, tested without any impact to emails, it is free to try for 42 days and comes with 90 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. What's there to lose?

Seen enough?

Download the 42 day, fully functional trial version of ORF now or go ahead and buy it (we have 90 day, no questions asked moneyback guarantee).
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