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Support More DNS Whitelists

| Last activity: 4 years ago
Support more DNS-based reputation services in addition to Sender Score Certified, such as DNSWL.org. ORF could query the sender IP address against these lists and whitelist (allow through) trusted senders.

Weighting of DNS and URL Blacklist

| Last activity: 4 years ago
Support weighting of different DNS and URL Blacklist. Reliable lists would reject the email on the first hit, other (more aggressive, and therefore unreliable) blacklists would only raise the "suspicion level", and ORF would require additional hit(s) from other blacklists to reject the email. If no such additional hit is logged, the email is allowed through.

Per Domain Configuration

| Last activity: 5 years ago
Support having different ORF configuration for each local domain.

Command-line Configuration Backups

| Last activity: 5 years ago
An extension to the "Configuration Backup and Restore (Export and Import)" feature request: make the backup process available from command-line.
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