The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication protocol which helps recognizing email address forgery. As most of the spam arrives with forged sender address, SPF can do a great job in reducing spam. For more information. The blacklist actions are customizable, the blacklisted emails can be dropped,

redirected to a specific email address or they can can be tagged (header or subject) with a customizable indicator of spam. These tagged emails can be moved to separate whatever folders automatically by Microsoft® Outlook at the users for later review.

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Using the ORF Reporting Tool you can generate detailed printable reports contact us for arbitrary periods, which helps you to fine-tune the spam filtering performance and understand your email traffic better.

ORF Fusion provides real-time statistics about its activity. Statistics can be sent automatically to our company.

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The file is part of a malware, so you are recommended to get an anti-virus if you do not have one installed.