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DONE Log Viewer: Load Log Files From Multiple Servers

| Last activity: 11 months ago
Improve the Log Viewer so it could load log files from multiple servers at once. Each server would have a sub-directory in the ORF log directory mapped in using symbolic links over the Windows network: the Log Viewer could load all log files from all of these sub-directories.

Direct ClamAV Anti-Virus Support

| Last activity: 11 months ago
Add documentation and/or more direct binding to the free ClamAV anti-virus, including the phishing signatures.

Support for IPv6 addresses

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Support for IPv6 addresses in all IP address entry fields, including the IP Blacklist, IP Whitelist and IP-based exception lists, etc.

DONE Log Temporary Email File Name for External Agents

| Last activity: 1 year ago
ORF writes the email into a temporary file before it is passed to External Agents. Add the name of this temporary file to the logged ORF event. This would help identifying the email when an External Agent has its own logs, but does not support logging other properties (such as the Message-ID).
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