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ORF Fusion

/ 80 USD / 1 year

for 10 users
  • + full platform support
  • + free technical support
  • + 90 day money back guarantee
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Electronic Shipping

Once the order is completed, we register your license and send you an email with your license key, along with instructions on converting the evaluation version of ORF into the licensed version.

ORF is shipped electronically (by download link), no physical product is delivered.

FAQ: Licensing

How many ORF licenses will I need?

ORF Fusion is licensed per user, so you will need one license for each user.

A user is defined as an actual person who has access to one or more mailboxes filtered by ORF. For example, if your organization has 500 employees, but only 25 have company email access, you will need 25 licenses only.

The number of mailboxes does not affect licensing. In the above example, if you have more than 25 (or less than 25) mailboxes, you would still need 25 licenses, because that is the number of actual persons accessing email filtered by ORF.

Determining the number of actual persons using ORF services could be difficult if you provide email filtering for other organizations (e.g. hosted email service, SaaS, etc.). If this applies to you, please see this article.

How do I keep up with the user count changes?

This could be indeed challenging and we do the following to lessen the administrative overhead:

  • You can buy extra license seats any time. You do not have to hurry, though—the minimum order quantity is 10 licenses, so there is no need (or way) to extend your coverage unless you need at least 10 new user licenses .
    Also, ORF will filter emails for the new users— extend your coverage when you are ready to catch up with the changes.
  • You can also reduce the licensed user count at the annual renewal.

Do you have a local reseller I can buy from?

Very likely we do. Visit our Find a Partner service to find an authorized ORF reseller partner near you.

How many servers are covered by the license?

You can use ORF Fusion on any number of servers that belong to your organization, including subsidiaries. For example, a 10,000-user license will allow the use of ORF Fusion on just one server or 10 servers, as long as they all belong to your organization.

How do I buy more than 1,000 ORF licenses?

We will be happy to provide you with a custom quote. You can have our sales team contact you, or you can contact our sales team as your schedule allows.

I am an ASP/ISP/hosting provider. Do you provide site licenses?

There is no site license construct available for ORF Fusion right now, but we are happy to work out a great deal for you that adapts to your business model. You can have our sales team contact you , or you can contact our sales team as your schedule allows.

Can I extend my license coverage later?

Yes, you can purchase extra seats upon renewing your license.

Are educational/non-profit discounts available?

Yes, discounts are available for educational/academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact us with your proof of educational/non-profit status to see if you qualify.

FAQ: Annual License And Upgrades

What is an annual license?

An annual license allows you to download and use any ORF version released within its validity period.

What happens if I let my license expire?

On the day your license expires, you will receive a notification, but nothing will change. After a 14-day grace period, ORF will switch to "demo mode" and it will only log what it would have done normally without actually performing any of the filtering actions.

Unlike many competitors, we provide technical support even if you let your license expire.

Can an existing trial installation be upgraded?

Yes. You will receive detailed upgrade instructions upon registering your license.

FAQ: Technical

What are the system requirements of ORF?

Please consult this Knowledge Base article.

Can I install ORF Fusion on SBS servers?

Yes, ORF Fusion runs on Windows Small Business Servers as well.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are here to help.
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