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Quarantine (Exchange Folder-Based)

Last activity: 3 months ago
Offer a new action to move spam-flagged emails directly into a quarantine folder in the end-user's mailbox where they can be reviewed by the end-user.

SMTP Proxy in ORF (for Non-Exchange Servers)

Last activity: 5 years ago
To support non-Exchange servers (like IMail, etc.) without Microsoft® IIS SMTP, add an SMTP proxy server to ORF. This proxy would receive the emails first and forward them to the actual mail server. This would be the same as with Microsoft® IIS SMTP front-ends, but without having to install the IIS SMTP Service first.

End-User Whitelist/Blacklist (Exchange Folder-Based)

Last activity: 8 years ago
This feature would use two reserved public folders, where end-users can pull their emails for whitelisting or blacklisting. ORF would check these public folders (e.g. using POP3 or IMAP) and build personal whitelists and blacklists for the end-users.

SCL Scoring

Last activity: 8 years ago
Add new SCL blacklist action to ORF. This action would set the Exchange SCL score of the blacklisted email.
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