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Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails

| Last activity: 10 months ago
Normally, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients are not recorded in emails anywhere. Add a new option to ORF that records the original envelope recipient list (which includes the local BCC'd recipients) to the email header as e.g. X-Envelope Recipients: Recipient1;Recipient2, etc.

DONE Per Test Actions

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Allow specifying a different action for every test, e.g. Reject for the SPF Test and Tag Subject for the Keyword Blacklist.

New SURBL Test action: remove URL on hit

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Add a new action to the SURBL test which would remove URLs from the email that contain blacklisted domains.

DONE Add Test Data to the Email Header

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Add X-fields to the email header that describe the tests performed. This would be basically a mini-log in the header and could help with quickly reviewing the email history without using the ORF Log Viewer.
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