Feature Requests

Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Normally, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients are not recorded in emails anywhere. Add a new option to ORF that records the original envelope recipient list (which includes the local BCC'd recipients) to the email header as e.g. X-Envelope Recipients: Recipient1;Recipient2, etc.

Disclaimer Support

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Support adding a legal disclaimer (or other footer) to outgoing emails.

Support More DNS Whitelists

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Support more DNS-based reputation services in addition to Sender Score Certified, such as DNSWL.org. ORF could query the sender IP address against these lists and whitelist (allow through) trusted senders.

Add DomainKeys Signatures to Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: 2 months ago
DKIM requires outgoing emails to be signed with a special signature, so if a recipient knows that all legitimate emails sent from your domains are signed with such signatures, they can drop spoofed emails (which are unsigned or have an invalid signature). This feature would allow ORF to add DomainKeys signatures to outgoing emails. For more information about DomainKeys, please visit http://dkim.org/.
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