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Log All Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: 8 hours ago
Option to log all outgoing emails relayed through the SMTP/Exchange server ORF is bound to, not only those where the recipient of the outgoing email is added to the Auto Sender Whitelist Database.

Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Normally, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients are not recorded in emails anywhere. Add a new option to ORF that records the original envelope recipient list (which includes the local BCC'd recipients) to the email header as e.g. X-Envelope Recipients: Recipient1;Recipient2, etc.

Disclaimer Support

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Support adding a legal disclaimer (or other footer) to outgoing emails.

Support More DNS Whitelists

| Last activity: 2 months ago
Support more DNS-based reputation services in addition to Sender Score Certified, such as DNSWL.org. ORF could query the sender IP address against these lists and whitelist (allow through) trusted senders.
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