SMTP Proxy in ORF (for Non-Exchange Servers)


SMTP Proxy in ORF (for Non-Exchange Servers)

Last activity: 4 years ago
To support non-Exchange servers (like IMail, etc.) without Microsoft® IIS SMTP, add an SMTP proxy server to ORF. This proxy would receive the emails first and forward them to the actual mail server. This would be the same as with Microsoft® IIS SMTP front-ends, but without having to install the IIS SMTP Service first.


That would be nice, if it works on Windows 2008 without Exchange 2007/10 installed. Now an Edge Installation is needed or "old Windows Server 2003", if you want to filter spams outside your lan.
by NorbertFe more than 10 years ago
NorbertFE, the whole point is that this would work on any Windows Server and would not require IIS as it would be a stand alone SMTP server.
by jst3751 more than 10 years ago
We need forward SMTP authentication request to a email server SMTP Service too.
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago

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