SCL Scoring


SCL Scoring

Last activity: 8 years ago
Add new SCL blacklist action to ORF. This action would set the Exchange SCL score of the blacklisted email.


SCL Scorring should improve Outlook/Exchange cleanup. This way, Outlook users can set Junk Mail individually and not require admins to change blacklist in ORF. Thanks,
by SCL Scorring should improve Outlook/Exchange clean more than 10 years ago
I think scoring should be in ORF with actions based on score in ORF; I don't want to rely on Exchange or Junk Mail.
by cfrankb more than 10 years ago
@1: this feature would allow you to assign different SCL scores to be added by ORF tests (e.g. add 3 scores if a keyword blacklist entry is triggered and add 5 scores if the source IP is listed on a reliable DNS Blacklist). Relying on user scores would be quite difficult and would require the users to manually manage their junk mails which is not really our goal... Instead, Exchange could rely on ORF to determine which email should be put in the Junk folder and which to the users' inbox (actually, you can already achieve something similar using the Custom Weighting feature of IMF, but it is quite complicated, see
by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
Note, you can also use a 3rd party Exchange Plugin called MailShell ( that will do it based on a message header (which ORFiler can do). However the extra setup is a pain. Having it built in would be easier.
by PSaul more than 10 years ago
I'd love to see SCL scoring done by ORF where it could assign the SCL score itself on perimeter IIS SMTP servers. To achieve the same thing with a product such as GFI MailEssentials you have to user subject or X-Header stamping and then create Exchange transport rules to change the SCL scores. ORF doing this natively would be a leap way ahead of the competitors.
by Bill more than 10 years ago

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