End-User Whitelist/Blacklist (Exchange Folder-Based)


End-User Whitelist/Blacklist (Exchange Folder-Based)

| Last activity: 5 years ago
This feature would use two reserved public folders, where end-users can pull their emails for whitelisting or blacklisting. ORF would check these public folders (e.g. using POP3 or IMAP) and build personal whitelists and blacklists for the end-users.


I've had quite a few user requests for this. I don't know if Exchange folder based is the best way, but certainly some sort of end-user whitelist/blacklist feature would be great.
by Michael more than 10 years ago
If I understand this correctly, if you implement http://www.vamsoft.com/features/features_more.asp?fi=5, then you would not need this one?
by Bill Stewart more than 10 years ago
@Michael: It would be the easiest to develop and set up. ORF could add the sender data in X-headers, then use IMAP/POP3 to pull the emails and retrieve the X-headers. The alteratives are - an Outlook plugin (obviously, would work with Outlook only, no OWA support) - a web-based interface (takes a lot more time to develop and set up)
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
@Bill Stewart: That is correct, if a web-based quarantine is implemented, there is hardly any point of a secondary interface like this.
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
I think this feature would better than web-based quarantine, this one will be more easier for end-user
by jhonlone more than 10 years ago
web base quarantine would hardly be the point. I monitor the spam bucket myself, end users can't do it, cos there isn't a personal spam bucket per user, (and if they was, apparently they keep forgetting to monitor for false positives, how many of you monitor your gmail spam bucket.. 30k spams and more...) so a way for me to quickly whitelist false positives rather than exporting the mails and manually whitelisting (using excel/import etc) all cc/bcc receipients in the email as well.
by Chrislow more than 10 years ago
I voted for per-user web-based quarantine. Most of my clients are Exchange-based, and there is no need to fill the Exchange store with 70,000 spam messages a month, and then expect the 20 users to wade through that looking for a possible FP. A per-user quarantine with a purge period is great. My firewall does that, and the quarantine can be reached from remote sites as well. Exchange stays clean, each user can release his/her own valid email, and I don't have to field calls about missed email.
by Gregg more than 10 years ago
I have just suggested something similar, but not through Public Folders, since that is a feature MS will discontinue in future versions of Exchange. Instead, I propose to use "hardcoded" mail addresses, e.g. "[email protected]".
by fermin more than 10 years ago

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