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DONE Test Mode per ORF Test

| Last activity: 7 months ago
Add the ability to run specific list items (e.g. DNS Blacklists, Keyword Blacklist expressions, External Agents) in "test mode". In this mode, ORF would only log hits on these tests, without actually perform any action. This would allow studying e.g. new DNS Blacklists, Keyword Blacklist items or External Agents.


Or scoring: set item score to 0 and logging to true.
by cfrankb more than 10 years ago
I second the motion! A test-only mode specifically for DNS BL tests on a per-test basis, i.e., a particular DNS BL, while simultaneously leaving the current ones active, would allow us to see how a new DNS BL will perform without affecting the live system.
by Gregg, no longer anonymous! more than 10 years ago
yes, would be very useful to test how good new lists or other filters are without having to actually turn them on.
by thomasrw more than 10 years ago

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