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Allow specifying a different action for every test, e.g. Reject for the SPF Test and Tag Subject for the Keyword Blacklist.


really useful
by CUS more than 10 years ago
Looks like there are a few of these features, so I'll add my vote to this one. The Per Item Action I'd like to see is the ability for different actions for Keyword blacklists. i.e. Reject x, y, z, though send all mail with ABC to [email protected]
by Scooter133 more than 10 years ago
@Scooter133: you should vote on "Per Item Actions" then and not on "Per Test Actions" ;)
by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
Very helpful, but only if it can be by domain as well. If it can't be both, this is still a great feature and great idea!
by Lighthouse more than 10 years ago
this can also be used to tag headers to identify the test used...
by chrislow more than 10 years ago
THis would be very helpful to define different actions based on fiilter matches.
by rsm more than 10 years ago
Adding more flexibility to the keyword blacklist would be usefull as some of it is so obviously spam especcially the stuff some may find offensive . Esecially if forwarded to the users junk mail folder to further check. Who want's to see *** ***** **** in their email ?
by C777 more than 10 years ago
Also allow closing connection per test.
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago
I'd have to agree this would be a great feature. I know it breaks RFC, but if my honeypot catches something I KNOW isn't valid, then I'd rather just not have my system send a response at all. Same goes for some other tests.
by Ytsejamer1 more than 10 years ago
As an edit, I think I am looking for a feature that ALSO let's me choose to send a failure response or not. Yes, being able to choose to redirect or drop for each test is great. But additionally, being able to NOT send any response would be good too.
by Ytsejamer1 more than 10 years ago
@Ytsejamer1: There is a feature called "New Action: Drop Email Silently" posted at "
by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
This would be EXTREMELY useful for us!
by Geoff more than 10 years ago
This feature would be Wicked !!!
by Jason Blake more than 10 years ago
This request should become reality.
by AlexB 8 years ago
More common set of tests and script with rules, actions. Example tests: SPF, DKIM, RBL, RDNS. Exmple actions: Reject, Tag, Redirect. Rules: +RDNS Reject +RBL [rbl name] Reject +RBL [rbl name] Tag +SPF -DKIM Tag +Agent [ext.agent name] Redirect [e-mail] Where "+" - blacklist, "-" Whitelist. May be with score.
by DenM 6 years ago

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