Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails


Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails

Last activity: 4 years ago
Normally, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients are not recorded in emails anywhere. Add a new option to ORF that records the original envelope recipient list (which includes the local BCC'd recipients) to the email header as e.g. X-Envelope Recipients: Recipient1;Recipient2, etc.


Actually, any email sent to an alias will not have the email address used of the recipient. PLEASE please add an X-Envelope-To: field to incoming messages so that they can be filtered on. We have multiple email addresses associated with single mailboxes and REALLY like to be able to filter on that. Spammers now have learned that they can set the TO: field to something different than the enevelope field, making it difficult to filter.
by Meridian more than 10 years ago

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