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New Action - Temporary IP Ban

| Last activity: 4 years ago
Extend the current list of (Filtering) Actions: Upon blacklisting, allow ORF to temporarily ban the sender by its IP address.

Test IPs Found in URLs Against Online DNS Blacklists

| Last activity: 5 years ago
ORF currently checks only the IP (where the email was sent from) against online DNS Blacklists. This new option would allow checking IPs found in URLs as well.

SCL Scoring

| Last activity: 5 years ago
Add new SCL blacklist action to ORF. This action would set the Exchange SCL score of the blacklisted email.

DONE Update SPF Test To The Latest RFC

| Last activity: 6 years ago
ORF implements an earlier (draft) version of the SPF specification instead of the final version RFC 4408. Update the SPF implementation in ORF to RFC 4408.
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