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DONE Add Test Data to the Email Header

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Add X-fields to the email header that describe the tests performed. This would be basically a mini-log in the header and could help with quickly reviewing the email history without using the ORF Log Viewer.


Yes I totally agree this would help because a lot of your spam has offer info right in the header.
by aliton more than 10 years ago
Hm - if the mail went through, then it didn't fail any tests? So what would the point of the header be - it simply would list every single test you configured? However, what WOULD be good if there was an X-header that included a "tracking" number for that email (by which the email can be found in the log).
by Andy Schmidt more than 10 years ago
@Andy: ORF offers four actions: Reject, Tag Subject, Tag Header and Redirect Email. In the case of the last three + when the email is accepted or whitelisted, the test tagging would make sense. As for the unique ID, please try turning on the Message-ID logging under Configuration / Global / Log and Events. This will log the Message-ID of the incoming email in a separate log column. Although Message-IDs are not guaranteed to be completely unique, it's practically impossible for two servers/clients to generate the same Message-ID, so it is can be considered reliable for searching.
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
I agree with Andy. You read headers if you have to, there is not much joy there. And screened / rejected mail should not appear in the users mailbox, and hence has no headers to be read. In other words: The added headers on mail that made it through the defenses would be boring, and the processing detail of rejected mail - WELL, is probably interesting, but what if that rejected mail is not supposed to show up in the users mailbox to begin with? Do I sense a conflict here, or is it just my medication?
by Luis more than 10 years ago
rejected mail that ends up in the spam bucket should have this info. not everyone drops all mail.
by Chrislow more than 10 years ago
Don't add too many headers or you will run into limits in Exchange. Just read about it, not sure of the details. Gregg
by Gregg, no longer anonymous! more than 10 years ago
@Gregg: yes, we are aware of the named property issue, see
by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
I think this would be a good idea as it becomes very time consuming to pull up the log viewer each time. I could see this being a great way to quickly locate spam pattens. because of false positives we tag and let all mail through - the users then report spam back to me.
by Barry more than 10 years ago
this really is quite similar to per test action. eg: the per test action can be tag header with x-fields. I've removed my vote from this and added it to per test actions instead. I'd like to reduce the amount of mail in my spam bucket, eg: honeypot and dha is 100% spam that I never even want to see in my spam bucket.
by chrislow more than 10 years ago

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