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Log Viewer filter definitions based on blacklist/whitelist items

| Last activity: 4 months ago
This would allow administrators to create and send filter definitions from the Administration Tool to the Log Viewer by right-clicking list entries and selecting the appropriate command.

New SURBL Test action: remove URL on hit

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Add a new action to the SURBL test which would remove URLs from the email that contain blacklisted domains.

New Action - Temporary IP Ban

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Extend the current list of (Filtering) Actions: Upon blacklisting, allow ORF to temporarily ban the sender by its IP address.

Different Attachment Filtering Ruleset for Whitelisted Emails

| Last activity: 4 years ago
Currently, Attachment filtering can be configured to test whitelisted emails, but only a single set of rules can be configured for both whitelisted and non-whitelisted emails. A different ruleset for whitelisted emails would provide a finer control over attachments.
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