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DONE Remote Administration

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add remote administration support to ORF administration components (ORF Administration Tool, ORF Log Viewer, ORF Reporting Tool) for managing remote ORF instances from workstations without using Terminal Server, VNC or other remote desktop solution.

Reporting Tool Exports in PDF Format

| Last activity: 6 years ago
Support exporting ORF Reporting Tool reports into Adobe® PDF format to allow viewing/sending them without the ORF Reporting Tool.

Multi-Server Reports

| Last activity: 9 years ago
Allow generating consolidated reports (ORF Reporting Tool) from multiple servers.

Per Domain Reports

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add support for generating separate reports for individual recipient domains. For instance, if ORF filters for domains a.com and b.com, allow generating separate reports for both a.com and b.com.
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