Reporting Tool Exports in PDF Format


Reporting Tool Exports in PDF Format

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Support exporting ORF Reporting Tool reports into Adobe® PDF format to allow viewing/sending them without the ORF Reporting Tool.


Would be nice to have the ability to send the reports per mail instead ;)
by NorbertFe more than 10 years ago
Could this feature also automate the process of generating selected reports and emailing them?...
by dmcdonald more than 10 years ago
@NorberFe, @dmcdonald: These email reports would be sent to the administrator or the end-user? There is another feature request called "Daily Digest Reports To The End-User" that is about end-user reports. If you mean administrator reports, automatic generation/mailing would be quite different from PDF reports, so I guess the best would be to suggest a new feature for that (use the Suggest tab).
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
As for me it's about sending them to the administrator. I don't see the point in sending them to the users.
by NorbertFe more than 10 years ago
@NorbertFe: Thank you for the clarification.
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
I would be happy if it was in a non proprietary format. have the .exe on a share and just drop the reports there for them to view but would be nice to email or web them.
by Brian more than 10 years ago
This would be a great improvement in the reporting capabilities
by CBM more than 10 years ago
I'd like to see a great reporting tool not just only can export to PDF, how about export to xls,htm,xml, or ,even export the data to a databse?
by jhonlone more than 10 years ago
I think PDF is very universal - so that's just fine. Scheduled Email reports for the administrator of THAT domain (or group of domains) would be ONE feature. End-user reports would be seperate feature. The motivation is to "do good and talk about it" - letting customers know how effective ORF is for them and that the occasional spam that goes through is really NOT that bad, considering that 500 others were blocked. For end users, a summary report that shows sender/recipient/subject (if available)/date/time would allow them to look for any "false positives".
by Andy Schmidt 9 years ago
would make reporting much more easily!
by thomas 9 years ago

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