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Per Recipient Attachment Filtering Exceptions

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
An option in ORF to whitelist some attachments for some recipients, but not for the others. For example [email protected] could receive ZIP attachments, even if an attachment filtering rule blocks all ZIP files for all recipients.

DONE Attachment Quarantine

| Last activity: 8 years ago
Option to quarantine specified attachments of emails for further inspection or release by the administrator (instead of dropping them entirely).

Log the Size of Emails

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Log the overall size of both incoming and outgoing emails (including attachments). This data would be represented in a new column in the Log Viewer.

Automatic Attachment Compression in Incoming and Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
All inbound or outbound emails would be scanned by ORF for attachments, then based on recipient and/or size of attachments, they could be compressed into one or multiple .zip files. This would reduce the load on the Exchange Store.
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