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Auto Sender Whitelist: Enable Excluding Local Users

Last activity: 1 year ago
Add a list to ORF where the administrator can exclude certain local email addresses from the Auto Sender Whitelist address collection process. This would prevent less trusted users from "poisoning" the Auto Sender Whitelist when their computers get infected and send email viruses, or when they respond spam, etc.

Auto Sender Whitelisting Entire Domains

Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Enabling this option would whitelist emails not only from recipients of outgoing emails recorded in the Auto Sender Whitelist database, but from all addresses in their domains. This might cause problems if the recorded sender uses a free email provider (like Gmail, YahooMail or Hotmail), so to avoid whitelisting such domains, there would be a domain exception list.

DONE Keep Auto Sender Whitelist Items Permanently

Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Currently, the Auto Sender Whitelist feature of ORF can be configured to keep (and whitelist) the recipient addresses of outgoing emails for 6 months maximum. A new option would allow them to be stored and whitelisted permanently.

Allow Storing ORF Databases in the Cloud (e.g. Azure, Amazon)

Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add support for storing the databases of ORF (as of writing this, these are the Auto Sender Whitelist and the Greylisting databases) in the cloud, using e.g. Microsoft® Azure or Amazon SimpleDB™. This would allow low-cost sharing the databases without switching to Microsoft® SQL Server (or its free Express edition).
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