Open Relay Filter Standard Edition version released

June 24, 2002

The new version is available on the Download page. To learn more about the new version, visit the change log.

Microsoft Security Bulletin: MS02-26, ASP.NET vulnerability

June 6, 2002

Do you run ASP.NET on your public web in StateServer mode? Security bulletin MS02-26 reports an unchecked buffer which can be exploited to restart the ASP.NET application and to perform a DOS attack. For (...)

Microsoft Secutity Bulletin: MS02-025, Exchange 2000 vulnerabilitiy

May 30, 2002

An Exchange 2000 vulnerability discovered at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany can cause Exchange 2000 to exhaust CPU resources. Exchange 2000 administrators should download and install the (...)

Open Relay Filter Standard Edition version released

May 24, 2002

Updated version is available. The Dorkslayers database entry has been updated and three new DNSBL lists (all from Distributed Sender Boycott List, DSBL) added. See Download section to download (...)

MS Security Bulletin: MS02-012, SMTP vulnerability

April 9, 2002

Microsoft SMTP Server users should patch their servers to avoid risk of DOS attack described in MS security bulletin MS02-012 ("Malformed Data Transfer Request can Cause Windows SMTP Service to Fail") (...)

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