Holidays - Technical support

December 23, 2003

Because of the upcoming holidays, our technical support will be unavailable between the following dates: 24 December, 2003 to 28 December, 2003; 31 December, 2003 to 02 January, 2004. Please send you questions (...) blacklists discontinued

November 24, 2003

The blacklists on the domain will be discontinued by 1st of December, 2003. The lists will contain test records only, they will return "not listed" for any other queries. Please stop using these (...)

Win32.Swen.A@mm worm protection script

September 24, 2003

A new script has been added to the Scripts & Tools section which provides server-side protection against the Win32.Swen.A@mm virus and also drops all emails which seem to try using the old IFRAME vulnerability (...)

ORF Enterprise Edition 1.4 released

September 19, 2003

The new version is minor update which extends the Reverse DNS test with a new feature. Learn more about the new Enterprise Edition version from the Change Log. Registered ORF users can download version (...)

ORF Standard Edition development is discontinued

September 16, 2003

We no longer release updates for ORF SE, the development of this ORF edition is discontinued. We focus on ORF Enterprise Edition development in the future. Information for ORF Standard Edition users is (...)

New website feature

September 10, 2003

Check out our new Scripts & Tools section! This section was created for tiny free scripts that helps network administrators with managing ORF and Windows easier.

New article - simple attachment filtering

September 2, 2003

This article helps you with creating your own attachment filter using SMTP OnArrival event sink script technology. The demo script can filter the W32.Sobig.F@mm virus and all .pif/.scr attachments without (...)

Osirusoft's blacklist is down

August 27, 2003

Osirusoft's DNS blacklist service has been terminated yesterday, the zone is no longer operational. Please stop using Osirusoft zones for filtering. Read the story full story on Slashdot (...)

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