Holidays - Technical Support

December 20, 2002

Because of the upcoming holidays, our technical support will be unavailable between the following dates: 21 December, 2002 - 27 December, 2002 and 31 December, 2002 - 03 January, 2003. Please send you (...)

ORF Enterprise Edition 1.0 released

November 25, 2002

We are proud to announce the new Enterprise Edition of Open Relay Filter. To learn more about the new edition, please visit the Product Specification page.

Changes in Technical Support

November 25, 2002

We have discontinued supporting the YahooGroups ORF Standard Edition shareware version mailing list and merged the separate dedicated and shareware support. Please visit the Support page for the new technical (...)

ORF Enterprise 1.0 Public Beta released

November 6, 2002

We have released ORF Enterprise 1.0 Beta version to the public.

ORF Enterprise Alpha Test Program finished

November 4, 2002

We have finished the ORF Enterprise Edition Alpha Test Program successfully. The public beta is coming soon!

ORF Enterprise Alpha Test Program is in progress

October 21, 2002

The ORF Enterprise Edition Alpha Test program is in progress. We will announce a public beta of ORF Enterprise in November.

ORF Enterprise Alpha Test Program announced

October 11, 2002

Registered users of ORF Standard can join to the ORF Enterprise Alpha Test Program and get a FREE license of ORF Enterprise Edition. Details available in the Customers Area.

Hotfix for icon problems released

August 29, 2002

Users of the version who experienced icon problems with ORF can now download the fix for their problems.

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