Update SPF Test To The Latest RFC


DONE Update SPF Test To The Latest RFC

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ORF implements an earlier (draft) version of the SPF specification instead of the final version RFC 4408. Update the SPF implementation in ORF to RFC 4408.


It's a no brainer. RFC compliance shouldn't even require a vote - it's voted for when people pay for annual renewals!
by Andy Schmidt more than 10 years ago
@Andy: The SPF implementation of ORF was actually written long before SPF would have made to the RFC status. The final RFC and the "SPF Classic" version we implemented in ORF is not much different--however, as complex and (over)complicated standard SPF is, updating our SPF client takes significant amount of resources (approx. 6 to 9 days in developer time) and maybe we will not even change a single line of code. Due to this, we will not jump into that kind of work without knowing that somebody cares (we, for one, are perfectly fine with using SPF Classic on our email servers).
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
Is there any plan to update it now? -ASB: http://XeeMe.com/AndrewBaker
by andrew.baker 8 years ago
The SPF client has been updated to RFC7208 and will be available soon in ORF 5.4.
by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 6 years ago

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