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DONE Configurable Action for SPF SoftFail

Last activity: 4 years ago
Currently, it is only possible to treat SPF Fail and SoftFail the same way, i.e. to perform the same action for SoftFails as for regular blacklistings ("Blacklist email on SPF SoftFail" option). This would allow e.g. tagging or redirecting the email, even if the default blacklisting action is set to rejection.

DONE Update SPF Test To The Latest RFC

Last activity: 8 years ago
ORF implements an earlier (draft) version of the SPF specification instead of the final version RFC 4408. Update the SPF implementation in ORF to RFC 4408.

Configurable Action for SPF Errors

Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Configurable action for unresolvable or syntactically incorrect SPF records. This feature would allow tagging or rejecting emails if the SPF record of the sender domain is syntactically incorrect, or cannot be resolved due to non-existent DNS records. Vamsoft disclaimer: Please consider that having a syntactically incorrect or unresolvable SPF record in no way indicates the sender is a spammer (such problems could be caused by configuration errors, or temporary DNS issues, which are quite common), so blacklisting emails based on this criteria is guaranteed to cause false positives (losing legitimate emails).

Whitelist Senders on SPF Pass Only

Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Option to whitelist the sender only if it is whitelisted by the Sender Whitelist and explicitly passes the SPF test (so the email will not get whitelisted on SoftFail, Neutral and Fail). If enabled, this would override the SPF Whitelist Test Exception setting.
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