Feature Requests

SMTP Proxy in ORF (for Non-Exchange Servers)

| Last activity: 1 year ago
To support non-Exchange servers (like IMail, etc.) without Microsoft® IIS SMTP, add an SMTP proxy server to ORF. This proxy would receive the emails first and forward them to the actual mail server. This would be the same as with Microsoft® IIS SMTP front-ends, but without having to install the IIS SMTP Service first.

Disclaimer Support

| Last activity: 8 months ago
Support adding a legal disclaimer (or other footer) to outgoing emails.

Common Test Exception Model

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Allow defining exceptions for every ORF test by the sender email address, related IP address and the recipient address (in addition to the current exceptions).

Sender Callout Verification

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add a new test for Sender Callout Verifications. This type of test connects back to the email sender's server and attempts to find out if the sender is valid, by starting an SMTP conversation (no email is actually sent). If the sender's email address is rejected as invalid by the sender's email server, the sender email address is considered forged and the email is blacklisted. [Note from Vamsoft: The value and side-effects of this anti-spam technique is disputed in the industry. For instance, simultaneous Sender Callout Verifications from thousands of servers (as a result of a major spam breakout with forged sender email addresses) can result in a kind of Denial Of Service attack performed against the forged sender's email servers].
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