Daily Digest Reports To The End-User


Daily Digest Reports To The End-User

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Send daily digest reports the end-user about the emails blacklisted for them. When combined with the "Quarantine (Web-based)" request, this would also allow direct releasing of quarantined emails.


Yes indeedy! Didn't see this one when I mentioned digest emails in the 'quarantine' suggestion, for which I voted.
by Lanwench more than 10 years ago
I think that this feature should not be separate, and be a part of 'quarantine'.
by Dryoma more than 10 years ago
Cool to demonstrate to the end-user how much BS they were spared for. However, these digests are looked at for a week after introduction, and then they are ignored or deleted.
by Luis more than 10 years ago
Yes - Add this to the Quarantine Web Suggestion. It should be part of the same tool. Great idea.
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'd love for users to be able to see exactly how much spam ORF saves them from. Particularly when one lonely email gets blocked, (usually do to a blacklist) and they ask to have all their email unfiltered.
by Jeanne more than 10 years ago
Great tool for the users and great time saver for everyone.
by Doug more than 10 years ago
Yes, I find for example when people complain they get 2 spam a day it can be useful to give them reports that show we are blocking 400 spam to them a day so it is doing pretty well!
by thomasrw more than 10 years ago
Yes this would be nice. Not all users are interested but if they are it would be nice for them to be able to see how much is filtered for them. If i understand correctly they will see unwanted spam flagged messages also so they can choose to whitelist.
by Mikael more than 10 years ago
While I can see the use for a digest (report), if the users connect to the backend server over IMAP then, the same contents would be accessible just by looking at their quarantine (or junkmail) folder :)
by ObiWan more than 10 years ago
Automated daily report for end users and daily/weekly/monthly for admins.
by kris.jankiewicz 8 years ago

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