Validate Sender Address using Recipient Validation


Validate Sender Address using Recipient Validation

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Validate sender email addresses using the same valid email address source as the Recipient Validation test if it claims to be from any of the local domains. For instance, if the sender is [email protected] and is my domain, check if [email protected] is a valid email address.


I feel that this would help because I constantly have people spoofing my domain name and trying to send mail to others in my domain from my address.
by aliton more than 10 years ago
Although, more commonly the "from" and "to" is using the same email address. Since the "to" is valid (otherwise it would already be rejected) the "from" will be valid as well. I'm not against this feature - but I'd like to see some numbers to judge how effective it would truly be.
by Andy Schmidt more than 10 years ago
@Andy: That is correct, this would not help against "self-spam" (we put together a few recommendations against that kind of spam under This feature was requested before self-spam became widespread, when there were occassional instances of spam sent in the name of the recipient domain, but with a fake mailbox part, e.g. in the name of [email protected] without any user like "[email protected]" at We did not compile statistics on this trend before posting the request--it sounded reasonable anyway.
by Peter Karsai (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
No real need for it. Just set up a hard-fail SPF record for your own domain, and turn on SPF testing in ORF. Done! Gregg
by Gregg, no longer anonymous! more than 10 years ago

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