Support for IPv6 addresses


DONE Support for IPv6 addresses

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Support for IPv6 addresses in all IP address entry fields, including the IP Blacklist, IP Whitelist and IP-based exception lists, etc.


Very important feature. Its coming and will be required anyways.
by jean.davis more than 10 years ago
IPv6 is in full production use at my company, and Exchange is receiving plenty of IPv6 traffic (e.g. from Google, etc.). I'm pretty tired of the continuous Errors from ORFEE in the Exchange event log: Text description: Unexpected SPF Test error. EAssertionFailed "Invalid IP address for the CIDR test. (C:\projects\ORF\Source\ORFEnterprise\CoreService\tests\spf\SPFCommon_un.pas, line 143)". Would appreciate full IPv6 support, but at least improved input validation.
by martijn more than 10 years ago
dear Vamsoft i'v upgradet to the latest version of ORF enjoying alle the new features but got disappointed about the missing ipv6 support. we have 2017. the first ipv6 request was made 6 years ago? hoping this get implemented as soon as possible.
by simon.taeuber 6 years ago
Is there any update ?
by damousys 6 years ago
the update seems to be no implementation of IPV6 in the upcoming update 5.5 in 2018 very disappointing
by simon.taeuber 6 years ago
and again.. soon we are entering the new year 2019 without ipv6. insane
by simon.taeuber 5 years ago
cool. IPV6 support is coming
by simon.taeuber 3 years ago

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