Feature Requests

Multi-Server Reports

| Last activity: 6 years ago
Allow generating consolidated reports (ORF Reporting Tool) from multiple servers.

Reporting Tool Exports in PDF Format

| Last activity: 3 years ago
Support exporting ORF Reporting Tool reports into Adobe® PDF format to allow viewing/sending them without the ORF Reporting Tool.

Validate Sender Address using Recipient Validation

| Last activity: 8 years ago
Validate sender email addresses using the same valid email address source as the Recipient Validation test if it claims to be from any of the local domains. For instance, if the sender is [email protected] and example.com is my domain, check if [email protected] is a valid email address.

Daily Digest Reports To The End-User

| Last activity: 4 years ago
Send daily digest reports the end-user about the emails blacklisted for them. When combined with the "Quarantine (Web-based)" request, this would also allow direct releasing of quarantined emails.
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