Log Temporary Email File Name for External Agents


DONE Log Temporary Email File Name for External Agents

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ORF writes the email into a temporary file before it is passed to External Agents. Add the name of this temporary file to the logged ORF event. This would help identifying the email when an External Agent has its own logs, but does not support logging other properties (such as the Message-ID).


This is an easy to implement item, but crucial if you're planning to provide tighter integration with ClamAV or other virus scanners, InvURIBL, Sniffer, etc. I frequently have to correlate the information from the ORFEE*.log file to log files kept by external agents to research inquiries about specific incidents. The only identifying information that an external agent can log, is the "file name" of the temporary file that ORF passes to the agent (e.g., "sce-64DA836CA19B59F67CF9849DF930E9CB.eml".) However, the matching log line in the ORFEE file does NOT include the same information - so there is no "one-to-one" correlation between ORF's log and the external agent's log (other than manually trying to match log entires by approximate time) The "external agent" feature is incomplete without logging this piece of key information.
by Andy Schmidt more than 10 years ago
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