Log All Outgoing Emails


Log All Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Option to log all outgoing emails relayed through the SMTP/Exchange server ORF is bound to, not only those where the recipient of the outgoing email is added to the Auto Sender Whitelist Database.


Would be brilliant to see all outbound mail in the logs. I was searching through the other day thinking the logs were logging everything and then got very confused when I saw nothing in the logs. I though there was a bug : )
by Alan Hardisty more than 10 years ago
Definately would like to see this feature... LOG all outbound emails - i had the same impression...saw emails then i didn't..? LOL
by mshanley more than 10 years ago
This would be a HUGE move for the software. Being able to state that an email was sent to a specific IP or address is invaluable to me and my company.
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago
Has there been any progress on getting outbound email logs. This would be HUGE for us.
by Ann Jewell more than 10 years ago
I like the request. I think being able to log outgoing emails helps us troubleshoot end user issues. It would also be great to include in statistical reports. This would also be valuable to our company.
by benjamin.shumaker more than 10 years ago
This request is 7 years ago - was it ever included as an enhancement?
by stuart.rowe 5 years ago
This feature would be a godsend to me. Any news on when it might be implemented?
by gavpop 4 years ago

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