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Support adding a legal disclaimer (or other footer) to outgoing emails.


That feature is probably designed for notoriously paranoid North-Americans. Has any legal disclaimer ever made your life easier? Besides, if you need one, all e-mail proggies I know about have the option of a footer. I would vote it down.
by Luis more than 10 years ago
Well, adding disclaimers (by ORF) to outgoing emails is one of the most requested feature according to emails we receive (and not only from our users in the United States). Some may find it useful, others may not, but that is why we made this feature request section: to find out what the majority wants :)
by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) more than 10 years ago
I would agree it is probably a popular request but I agree with Luis (even though I live in Canada) that I don't think they're useful for anything except inflating the size of email messages. I don't think any disclaimer would ever stand up in court. What _may_ be useful would be standardised signatures based on sender and pulling info out of AD or LDAP. So if I send a mail it would pull in my name, title, office location, extension, email, etc from AD/LDAP so every has a consistent but customised and standardised signature. People could use it for disclaimers. Still, no votes from me.
by PSaul more than 10 years ago
no one needs it, although it's pop.
by jhonlone more than 10 years ago
As an IT consultant I get asked for this quite often, and FYI GFI does offer this feature, as a matter of fact I just had to install a trial of GFI for a customer just for this purpose, I was pushing them towards ORF, but since there is no Disclaimer support they are going for GFI. Hopefully the ORF team can get this option added soon. No matter how "paranoid" or what stands up in court, it is still considered crucial by many, and I get asked about it more and more. For me there is no alternative to ORF, but for some users, not having this feature will push them towards alternatives, and buying Exclaimer is most likely not going to be the answer when products like GFI exist at the same price point.
by jhyde more than 10 years ago
hello! good idea for support disclaimer thx!
by VEnZ0ja more than 10 years ago
of course its a good Idea, because from Law in Germany I must use a Disclaimer, but I dont need it on internal Mails. Codetwo has a nice Disclaimer, which have not only external Disclaimerfunktions
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago
This would be great. For our company it should be possible to have different disclaimers for every outgoing mail domain. At this time we route all outgoing mails through a seperate server and add disclaimer with event sink.
by Ronald Fuchs more than 10 years ago
yes.some add it .
by Anonymous more than 10 years ago
couldn't this be an option? Check box for add disclaimer?
by Blue more than 10 years ago
While it is an annoying feature, and probably not worth much legally, it is also quite heavily used, and is sometimes the basis for a product being selected or not. Having this optional feature would give ORF a leg up on some of its competitors that are hanging around only because of such a feature. -ASB: http://XeeMe.com/AndrewBaker
by andrew.baker more than 10 years ago
This is too easy to create under Exchange transport rules. I don't think it's really needed here.
by jean.davis 3 years ago

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