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RHSBL Support

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Add support for filtering based on RHSBL-type blacklists in ORF, such as rhsbl.ahbl.org.

Challenge / Response (C/R) Spam Filtering

| Last activity: 7 years ago
A feature to send a reply email automatically with a challenge to unknown senders. The sender is asked to perform some action to assure delivery of the original message, which would otherwise not be delivered. Senders that have previously performed the challenging action would be automatically whitelisted.

Ignore the SPF Whitelist Test Exception for the Recipient Whitelist

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Option to exclude the Recipient Whitelist from the scope of the SPF Whitelist Test Exception (but still apply the exception for other whitelists), so the recipient would be whitelisted in all cases, even if the SPF test is enabled to run on whitelisted emails.

Whitelist Senders on SPF Pass Only

| Last activity: 9 years ago
Option to whitelist the sender only if it is whitelisted by the Sender Whitelist and explicitly passes the SPF test (so the email will not get whitelisted on SoftFail, Neutral and Fail). If enabled, this would override the SPF Whitelist Test Exception setting.
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