SMTP-based Recipient Validation


SMTP-based Recipient Validation

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Add an SMTP-based validation data source to the Recipient Validation Test of ORF. This source would connect to a specific SMTP server and attempt to validate the recipient real-time using the RCPT command. This would enable the Recipient Validation test to work with third-party MTAs without having to compile and maintain a list of valid recipients for the SQL or the Text File sources.


Using such an SMTP based (standard) validation mechanism will ease using ORF as a frontend to whatever mailserver; all in all most (all ?) mailservers will fire an SMTP error in case an "RCPT TO" contains an invalid or non-existing address and such an error would be easy to intercept (from ORF) and use to validate the address even if the server doesn't support LDAP and, as for above, without the need to use an additional file or database (and to keep it up-to-date)
by ObiWan more than 10 years ago
Yes, this is a great feature, especially if you have more than one internal mail server in your organization for different purposes like mailing lists, etc. -ASB:
by andrew.baker 9 years ago

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