Feature Requests

Log All Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: 9 months ago
Option to log all outgoing emails relayed through the SMTP/Exchange server ORF is bound to, not only those where the recipient of the outgoing email is added to the Auto Sender Whitelist Database.

Automatic Attachment Compression in Incoming and Outgoing Emails

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
All inbound or outbound emails would be scanned by ORF for attachments, then based on recipient and/or size of attachments, they could be compressed into one or multiple .zip files. This would reduce the load on the Exchange Store.

Download ORF Updates Automatically

| Last activity: 6 years ago
When new ORF versions are published, download the updates automatically instead of just notifying the administrator. Note that installation would be still started by the administrator.

Command-line Configuration Backups

| Last activity: 6 years ago
An extension to the "Configuration Backup and Restore (Export and Import)" feature request: make the backup process available from command-line.
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