Feature Requests

Log Viewer filter definitions based on blacklist/whitelist items

| Last activity: 4 months ago
This would allow administrators to create and send filter definitions from the Administration Tool to the Log Viewer by right-clicking list entries and selecting the appropriate command.

New SURBL Test action: remove URL on hit

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Add a new action to the SURBL test which would remove URLs from the email that contain blacklisted domains.

Temporary IP Ban on Repeated Failed SMTP AUTH Attempts

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Temporarily ban the sender's IP address based on the number of failed SMTP authentication attempts. The logon failure threshold and ban period could be set by the administrator.

Metric Feed for Web-Based Monitoring Systems

| Last activity: 2 years ago
Metric feed support for various web based open-source monitoring systems, such as Prometheus and Graphite, to display system information, overview, 24-hour statistics, filtering performance and other ORF service related statistics.
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