Feature Requests

Quarantine (Exchange Folder-Based)

Last activity: 2 months ago
Offer a new action to move spam-flagged emails directly into a quarantine folder in the end-user's mailbox where they can be reviewed by the end-user.

Log Viewer: Live Event Viewing

Last activity: 2 months ago
Allow the administrator to turn on automatic updating of the log view in the ORF Log Viewer when new events are logged, i.e. provide a live feed of logged events in the ORF Log Viewer.

Auto Sender Whitelist: Enable Excluding Local Users

Last activity: 10 months ago
Add a list to ORF where the administrator can exclude certain local email addresses from the Auto Sender Whitelist address collection process. This would prevent less trusted users from "poisoning" the Auto Sender Whitelist when their computers get infected and send email viruses, or when they respond spam, etc.

DONE Direct Logging to SQL Databases

Last activity: 11 months ago
Add a new log media to ORF that would log directly into an SQL database (e.g. via ODBC or OLEDB), such as Microsoft® SQL Server or MySQL.
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