New Action: Drop Email Silently


New Action: Drop Email Silently

| Last activity: 8 years ago
Add a new action to ORF that allows dropping the email silently at On Arrival, without returning an SMTP response to the sending server. It would appear that the local server accepts the blacklisted email, but it would cancel the delivery without telling the sender.


This would give the SPAMmers the idea that the mails are going through and send more to you. The protocol error everytime they usually give up pretty qucik
by Brian more than 10 years ago
If if the "dropped" email was a false postitive, that could have legal ramifications.
by jst3751 more than 10 years ago
I only use blacklists for filtering e-mail, and haven't had a false positive in almost a year of usage. In my environment where orf is between an internet-facing relay server and the exchange server, it already looks like my mail is accepted, but the backscatter from rejected e-mail clogs up my outgoing, because most of the responses are to invalid addresses any way. Having this as an option would be very nice for my situation.
by David Kerber more than 10 years ago
I agree with David. This is a good feature that would be used in many cases. -ASB:
by andrew.baker 8 years ago

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