Trial Conversion Guide

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This short guide helps you to seamlessly activate your ORF installation.


The ORF Fusion installer comes with a preinstalled, fully functional 42-day evaluation license which is activated automatically upon installing the software.

Converting the built-in evaluation license and activating the ORF installation takes entering your license key into the License Manager of the ORF Administration Tool. There is no need to remove the evaluation installation first (in fact, that would result in losing your current ORF settings).


Prepare your ORF license key

You may find the license key in the license registration email that you should have received from us when you purchased your ORF license. If you cannot find this email, retrieve your license key on the Client Portal / Company Licenses page, or contact our Customer Service.

Starting the conversion

Perform the following steps to complete the conversion process:

  • Start the ORF Administration Tool
  • Connect to the local or remote ORF instance that you wish to activate
  • Open the built-in License Manager (Help / License Manager)
  • Enter the ORF license key
  • Select an activation method (Online or Manual) and follow the instructions that are displayed
  • Click the Activate button

Your ORF Fusion installation is now activated.


Online activation is fully automatic, but requires an active internet connection. If you choose this activation method, make sure that the ORF server is allowed to communicate with the Vamsoft license servers directly over HTTPS (TCP port 443), or via your proxy server (click the 'Proxy setting' button to specify its parameters).

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