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Hi! My ORF 5.4.1 with MSSQL save configuration is too long (4 hours). At this point ORF processes incoming messages with errors when accessing the MSSQL database

by Tyulenb 1 year ago

I'm use windows server 2008 r2 x64 with MS SQL Server 2014 64bit. After making changes to the configuration, I click save. The configuration saving process lasts a minimum of 4 hours. What's the matter, how can this win?

by Tyulenb 1 year ago

@Tyulenb: Hello Tyulenb,

Saving the ORF configuration should take a few seconds or a couple of minutes at most. The only thing I can think of that could cause such an excessive saving time is an extremely inflated configuration file. The size of a typical ORF configuration file is around 35-250 Kilobytes. Can you tell me the current size of the configuration file - orfent.ini - of your ORF installation? You can find it in the ORF program directory (default: \Program Files (x86)\ORF Fusion).

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago
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Yes, my conf file too big))) 5,84 Mb

by Tyulenb 1 year ago

in my configuration file there is information about ipv4-networks around the world and about all domain zones of the first level, and all this in the blacklists

by Tyulenb 1 year ago

Hello Tyulenb,

ORF was not designed to use gargantuan lists to block spam - it is an extremely inefficient method of spam filtering. Please note, that if you apply the appropriate settings to ORF, the automated tests alone should block 95-99% of the incoming spam, so there is absolutely no reason to keep tens/hundreds of thousands of entries on the manual blacklists. To resolve the reported problem, I suggest that you clear all of the blacklists - and whitelist - in ORF and rebuild them from scratch. This time, however, only add things that are absolutely necessary. Ideally, you should not have more than a few hundred entries on the manual lists, though, ORF should keep working even if you add ten thousand.

When you revise the lists, try to optimize them at the same time:

1) Use IP ranges instead of /32 IP addresses

2) Instead of using the IP Blacklist, use the Geo Blacklist to blacklist emails based on their source country: https://vamsoft.com/support/tools/geo-blacklist-generator

3) If you must blacklist almost every TLD in the world, do not add them to the Sender Blacklist one by one, instead, consider using a single regex pattern that matches everything but the TLDs listed in the pattern. For example:

For future reference: In case you are having issues with spam, try not to add new manual entries to the blacklists. Instead, send us (to ) a few recent ORF log files and your configuration file (see „a few tips to get things fixed faster” at http://vamsoft.com/customer-service) and we will send you personalized recommendations on how to fine-tune your ORF installation.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago

If File Path is too long then I would like to suggest you, try Long Path Tool program to resolve this issue.

by Garry Brown 1 year ago

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