Geo Blacklist

About the Geo Blacklist

This service allows you to blacklist emails based on their source country by generating an ORF DNS Blacklist definition for the IP-to-country DNS blacklist.

Please consider that there are certain risks associated with geobanning—for instance, global companies with multiple branches all over the globe may send you emails from countries you would not expect.

Blacklist Generator

Add countries to your blacklist by checking the boxes next to them. Click the "Check All" buttons to blacklist an entire continent at once. When finished selecting the countries, click the "Download" button and import the resulting DNS Blacklist definition in ORF.






North America

South America

[1] Our company, Vamsoft Ltd. is located in Hungary. Make sure you have the <b>"Whitelist emails from Vamsoft Ltd. email server address"</b> checkbox checked in <b>Whitelists / IP Whitelist</b> to avoid blacklisting us if you decide to blacklist our country.

[2] As of writing this, does not have unique response codes for Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo yet, so blacklisting Yugoslavia will blacklist all three countries at once.

SMTP Response Configuration

Customize the Before Arrival SMTP response (see "SMTP Responses" in the ORF Help index) below. In the case of this DNS Blacklist, we recommend that you include backup contact information (e.g. whitelisted email address or phone number), so that no email is lost due to country blacklisting.

You can use ORF format fields in curly brackets (see list). In addition to the usual format fields, the #COUNTRYNAME# field can be used for name of the country the email came from.

Getting the DNS Blacklist definition

Click the "Download" button below to get the DNS Blacklist definition file that can be imported in ORF.


Importing the Definition File in ORF


Importing the definition

  • Start the ORF Administration Tool.
  • Select the Blacklists / DNS Blacklists page.
  • Right-click on the list and select Import blacklist definitions.
  • Select the file that you downloaded.
  • Check the box for Country Blacklist in the DNSBL list.

Saving the changes

Select Configuration | Save Configuration from the menu.

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