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My customer continues to get close to 600 spam messages a day. I have followed the suggested config up to Tips for higher performance (medium risk) with no success. Can I provide a config file so you see the exact settings? If so, how do I create one?


by RML 6 years ago

@RML: Is it possible that these spam emails are accidentally whitelisted (excluded from filtering)?

By using the ORF Log Viewer Tool, you can see what ORF did to incoming emails and why. See our related KB article at

If these emails are not whitelisted, please send the main configuration file of ORF called orfent.ini located at (C:\Program Files (x86)\ORF Fusion) and some *.log files as well for analysis, (located on the same path by default) to . We will look into this.

by Viktor Kiss (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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@RML: Thank you for the provided ORF files.

According to your logs, ORF allows through approximately 50 emails a day, which leads me to believe that not all emails are seen/filtered by ORF (as you mentioned that 600 spam is received a day)." The issue probably lies in other elements of your network configuration, preventing ORF from testing all emails.

Could you tell me more about your setup, please (i.e., secondary MXs, additional perimeter servers, etc.)? Are all incoming emails relayed through the server ORF is installed to?

by Viktor Kiss (Vamsoft) 6 years ago

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