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since i activated the clamav external agent(after a longer period) i get the following system massage:

Agent "ClamAV for Windows" reported error (exit code 2, comment "ClamAV error"). Taking no action. Agent output: "ERROR: Can't connect to clamd: Connection refused".

thanks for your help!

by tom 7 years ago

@tom: It appears you have ClamAV configured to filter using "clamd" -- the ClamAV daemon (service) which hosts the ClamAV filtering logic. In this configuration, the ClamAV daemon must be running -- please make sure the "ClamD" (ClamWin Free Antivirus Service) service is running. If it isn't listed among Windows services, please try installing it using "clamd --install".

You can find more about the ClamAV setup process in our guide at

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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