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I'm using the ClamAV from and the latest version there is 96.5 but the latest on is 97.1

Is anyone here running 97.1 and if so where did they download it from?


by Peter Lawton 8 years ago

Hello Peter,

The link to the current Windows version is:

I found installation instruction on hmailserver forum ( ).

I’m using the current version now (0.97.3) with ORF clamav external agent and it works fine.


by Stéphane Lefresne 7 years ago

Previous link was not right, here it is again :

by Stéphane Lefresne 7 years ago

If you're already using Nico's (tbb's) ClamAV port (who has since disappeared) then you can just do the following;

Stop the two Clam Services
Download ClamAV Antivirus Native Win32 Port - 0.97.3 from
Extract the files and copy them over your existing installation (take care to keep existing conf files)
Re-start your services and double-check functionality

This worked perfectly for me and the link posted previously in this thread directed a person to the version that needs to be compiled with Visual Studio. The other link tells you to download a mail server (which you already have)

What you want is just the Win32/64 port of ClamAV. Given that Nico is gone you can just substitute the Sherpa's build :-)

by Marvin Miller 7 years ago

Thanks Marvin,

The link to the hamailserver forum was just about the clamAV instruction, of course you don't have to install the mail server... (And on top of that, the link was wrong, AARGGhh)

Unfortunately I didn't find the port you are refering to, thank-you for that! The on I used was on ;

Copying the 0.97.3 over my previous version (keeping the conf) didn't work for me, what worked was removing the clamd and freshclam services and using these steps from the hmailserver forum :


- Extract the clamav package and copy the extracted clamav folder to the root of C:

- Copy and paste the clamd.conf and freshclam.conf files from C:\ClamAV\conf_examples to the root of C:\Clamav folder

- Delete or comment out the word Example found in both config files on line 8

- Modify both files to meet your needs (usually default settings are well balanced). Be careful do not uncomment or modify the line of temporary folder in clamd.conf

- Do not uncomment or modify the database path in both config files. Leave the default settings

- Create two new folders on the root of C:\ClamAv. Name it database and Logs

- Uncomment the LogFile variable in clamd.conf to point to C:/ClamAv/Logs/clamd.log

- Uncomment TCPSocket 3310 in clamdconf.

- Uncomment the UpdateLogFile variable in freshclam.conf file to point to C:/ClamAv/logs/freshclam.log

- Navigate through command prompt to C:\ClamAv directory and run Clamd.exe, as this will launch the clamd service

- Run freshclam.exe and wait until it downloads the databases and notifies the clamd service about it

- At this point you should check the clamd logs to see if there are any errors.

Install ClamD service

• Use runclamd from


• Launch the command prompt
• Type the following command to create the ClamD service sc.exe create ClamD binPath= C:\Windows\System32\srvany.exe
• At this point launch your services applet and check to see the newly created ClamD service
• Go to recovery tab and choose restart service for all three failures cases, click ok
• Do not start the service yet
• Now launch the registry editor (regedit)
• Navigate to HKEY local machine, system, current control set, services, clamD. Right click it and create a new key name it Parameters
• Right click Parameters and create new string value, name it Application, right click Application key, then modify and enter this C:\ClamAv\Clamd.exe -c C:\ClamAv\Clamd.conf , click ok
• Launch taskmanager, find and end the process ClamD
• From the services start the CLamD Service.

After Installation Tasks
- Now you should run the Eicar virus test at this website Enter your email address and click submit, if you don"t get the email, good news. Check the clamd log to see that the eicar virus was caught by ClamAv.

- Now using task scheduler create a task to upgrade your virus databses.
Call it Clamav Update or whatever, Action=Start a Program, Program/script=C:\clamav\freshclam.exe, Add Arguments= --config-file=C:\clamav\freshclam.conf

Make sure task run every hour or so, everyday for 24 hours.

by Stéphane Lefresne 7 years ago

@Peter Lawton: Here are the new instructions:

...which point you to:

I was able to use the 64-bit version by installing the VC++ runtimes. I tried the side-by-side install, and it didn't work.

by andrew.baker 6 years ago
(in reply to this post)


ClamAV Antivirus is excelente.. .. I use this on my servers

by vpsgurus 6 years ago

ClamAV Antivirus is excelente.. .. I use this on my servers

by vpsgurus 6 years ago

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